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The IPO allotment status informs investors on the quantity of shares awarded to them in an initial public offering (IPO). The IPO registrar is in charge of the allotment process. The date that the allocation status is made public on the IPO registrar’s website is known as the “IPO allotment date.” It is an essential part of the IPO process, and knowing exactly how it functions will help you understand what to expect from your investment.

What is IPO allotment?

Companies can go public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), which is the process of selling their shares to investors over a stock exchange. This is how many companies decide to sell their shares because it’s a quick and inexpensive way to raise capital. The quantity of shares that are available and that the company currently owns determines how many shares are sold.

To put it briefly, an initial public offering (IPO) allotment divides a company’s stock into a specific number of shares that can subsequently be sold to investors. Typically, allocation occurs at the initial public offering.
Investors will be able to view their allotted quantity of stocks, as well as whether they have been assigned, through the IPO allotment status. The business then makes the remaining unsold shares available for purchase by other investors at the conclusion of the allotment period. The shares that are unsold are classified as “restricted” shares. After the restricted shares have been allotted and the corporation has listed them for sale, trading of these shares is prohibited. 

IPO Allotment Status – Here are the simple steps how to check the IPO Allotment Status online or offline. As per the latest SEBI rules for the large-cap IPOs, the IPO allotment process will take 1 week. The registrars like Linkintime or KFintech should release the IPO allotment as per the SEBI rules within 7 days after the IPO close.

linkintime check here : https://linkintime.co.in/mipo/ipoallotment.html

kfintech ipo status check here : https://ris.kfintech.com/ipostatus/

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